The Squirting Demo: My first experience at a bridal shower

Jay, a pimp who I’d come into contact with sometime back when I was organizing a bachelors’ party called me, asking me whether I could do a squirting demonstration and get paid. I told him to give me sometime to think about it because I had never done anything like that and I wasn’t really sure I could do it (infront of a bunch of women for that matter).

My job was to do all I could (including ‘do’ myself with a sex toy or finger until I squirted). He knew I would squirt: it kind of came into a conversation we were having before the bachelors’ party (he is the one who brought it all the strippers).So, I worked on myself and when I was sure I could make myself come, I was ready to say yes. I also wanted to test myself, see what I was capable of and answer ‘Could I really do it infront of female strangers? How would they take it?

7pm, he picked me up from town, we hang out together as he briefed me about the ‘clients’. One of the women was about to get married and his job (by the way, he is also a sex therapist) was to talk to them about ‘What men want’ and basically advise them on how to handle a man. He was then to show a couple of sex videos before and after I did a practical/real life example of what a squirting orgasm is like.

The bridal shower was in someones’ house in Kileleshwa. Jay also sells sex toys, so I helped him carry a few into the house. I counted eight women as I walked into the house, still feeling nervous as hell. I am a shy person so how would I get past this? I wondered.

We were welcomed, given some alcohol and taadaah….!!!! the night began. I could tell that these women were under 30 years old because of the kind of questions they were asking Jay and the kind of comments they were making. I learnt a few things too from Jay-about men and women. Did I mention that these women were hot. When one of them learnt about my role here at the party, she sat by my side the entire time and let me kiss and grab her sumptuous self.

Soon, sometime in the night (when I was very nicely high) it was my turn. I went to the bedroom, ‘chucked out’ my sex toy and went back to the sitting room where everyone was waiting to see a ‘real life’ squirting orgasm and learn how they themselves can have one.

It started off with one lady kissing and grabbing me but soon I was all alone on the floor and I heard ohhhs and ahhhs. I also remember one lady coming up to touch the ‘squirt’ and another who still couldn’t believe (even after seeing and listening to Jay talk about the squirting orgasm. You couldn’t convince that one that it wasn’t pee.

The rest of the night was really crazy. People were locking themselves up in rooms two by two, three by one, two by three…. The ladies were coming up to me too, asking questions that eventually led to getting half and fully naked, interruptions etc. But ‘shit’ happened here too; two ladies came up to me towards the end of the night wanting to know what kinda man Jay was.

He was a professional associate, I said, and he had a girlfriend (a friend of mine), I really didn’t know him that well. ‘Is he safe,” they asked. ‘Why?’ I retorted. Why are you asking me? “We both just ‘did him’ without a condom,” one of them answered. Gracious God! What the heck!

‘You should have thought of the consequences before doing it,’ I spoke out loud without meaning to, then remembering…Yes, in

places like these- situations like these, people do get carried away.

Q: Would I do another squirting demo?

A: I did not think I actually would (I’m not an exhibitionist) but I did another one a few weeks after this one…A story for another day right here….